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A grassroots effort to get candidates to make their ads accessible. Besides, it's the law!

MNF Ads – Dayton & Walz yes, Bachmann no

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That was a tough game. So many woulda shoulda couldas… if only Farve had thrown that slant pass to Harvin just a little lower…

It’s the same with captioning. We saw ads by Dayton and Walz that were captioned, and one by Bachmann that wasn’t. There may have been other ads that we didn’t see. If you saw any, please send us an email with the specifics!

PS – remember, if a candidate receives public funds he or she MUST caption their ads. Dayton does not receive funds, so he is not legally obligated to caption. But of course we think he should anyway 😉

Written by jwyant

October 12, 2010 at 10:00 am

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