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A grassroots effort to get candidates to make their ads accessible. Besides, it's the law!

Time to Vote (for captioned ads)!

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Tomorrow is the day to go to the polls and vote. Regardless of your political affiliation, it is also time to recognize the candidates who did the most to make sure that their campaigns were fully accessible.

GOLD STAR: Awarded to candidates who didn’t need any information or encouragement as they were already making all the right moves.
Mark Ritchie, Secretary of State
Rebecca Otto, Auditor

SILVER STAR: Awarded to candidates who, after receiving information, made all their materials accessible.
No one qualified for this level.

BRONZE STAR: Awarded to candidates who, after calls and some prodding, made some of their materials accessible.

Mark Dayton. None of his YouTube ads are captioned. However, we are told that all of his TV ads have consistently been captioned.

Tom Emmer. After we called, they captioned all of his “formal” YouTube ads, but not the ones that show him campaigning around the state. Also, none of his TV ads appear to be captioned.

Tom Horner. After we called, they captioned some of his YouTube videos. However, the most recent videos are not captioned. We received reports that his TV ads were not captioned, although others say that some of them were.

SLAG HEAP: Awarded to those who, in spite of evident access to funds and resources, consistently did not make their materials accessible.
– All issue advertisers (those who launched ads for or against a particular candidate)
– DFL Party
– IR Party
– Independent Party

Did we leave anyone out? Send us your vote!

Written by jwyant

November 1, 2010 at 5:38 pm

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