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Weekend’s Wall of (dis)Honor

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These five candidates aired multiple uncaptioned ads over the past few days:

Michele Bachmann
Tarryl Clark
Mark Dayton
Tom Emmer
Erik Paulsen

Technically, of these five candidates, only Emmer is in violation of the state law requiring captioned ads. Candidates for Federal office (Bachmann, Clark, and Paulsen) are not bound by the law. Dayton, because he does not receive public financing, is also not bound.

Bachmann just reported $10M in donations, and yet she apparently can’t afford captioning. The others don’t have as much cash, but they are still missing out on an opportunity to get their message to a significant audience.

Written by jwyant

October 17, 2010 at 10:42 pm

The UpTake takes on Candidates for not captioning

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The UpTake recently posted a video exposing the fact that several major candidates signed forms stating that they would caption their ads in exchange for receiving public financing, then not following up.

(Scroll down to see the transcript)

As a demonstration of how fast news moves, Horner’s campaign recently released a captioned version of their latest online ad. Emmer’s campaign says they will update their videos as soon as “tonight.”

Written by jwyant

October 4, 2010 at 4:41 pm

The Law on Captioning Campaign Ads

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Section 10A.38 defines how a candidate (who accepts public funds) must caption their campaign advertisements, whether audio or video. This means all podcasts, webcasts, and television advertisements must be captioned. The candidate can provide alternate resources such as a transcript on their website.

In sum:
A candidate must include closed captioning on his/her televised and website video ads if:

  • The candidate received the public subsidy for financing his/her campaign
  • The ads are professionally produced visual or audio recordings that are two minutes or less
  • The candidate did not file with the campaign finance board the reasons for not captioning prior to the dissemination of the ad.
  • The candidate can also provide a transcript online for his/her website ads instead of captioning.
  • The candidate must also include on his/her website a transcript of all his/her radio advertisements unless s/he has filed with the campaign finance board before the ads were disseminated.

This law was passed in 2008, so the candidates and their campaigns should know about it and already be in compliance.

Written by jwyant

October 1, 2010 at 3:56 pm

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